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Helpful Guidelines for Keeping Your Fence in a Good Condition

The fence is usually the first line of defense against either burglars or wild animals. For this reason, you have to ensure that your fence is well maintained and repaired if you wish for it to perform its function well. Fences that are well maintained are not just for security purposes, but also for aesthetic value. But it is not just enough to put up a fence and leave it at that. You need to constantly repair and maintain it so that it keeps serving its purpose for long. Here are some guidelines to help you maintain the fence around your property.

Ensure that there are not insects or other animals nesting in it. Fences normally provide goods grounds for insects and other small animals to nest. They include bees, wasps, and hornets as well as small rodents. These animals will pose a danger to the inhabitants of your home if not gotten rid of. Before you carry out any other maintenance tasks, you should check for these animals and ensure that they are gotten rid of. Doing so will guarantee protection from attack by such animals.

After this, you have to identify and repair or replace those parts that have been destroyed. It’s always good to ensure that any part of the fence that had been damaged is either fixed or replaced once you discover it. The stakes can fall into disrepair either as a result of the natural elements, accidental damage by animals or even by people. Ensure that once discovered, the broken poles are fixed immediately so as to restore security around your compound.

Painting your fence. The best way of protecting a dead fence form attack by animals and insects is to apply it with paint. Painting is also a great way of beautifying your fence so that your home looks attractive. Painting protects iron fences from rusting and therefore ensures that it lasts longer. It also keeps insects away from the wood, in case your fence is wooden.

Application of pesticides. The chemicals applied onto surfaces to get rid of bugs are referred to as insecticides. There is usually an increased risk of wooden stakes being attacked by termites. Applying the insecticides will keep it protected since such insects will be killed before they get to the wood and destroy it. Doing this will increase the longevity of your fence.

Oiling the hinges of the gates is also a maintenance technique for your fence. Rusting usually happens to the hinges faster because they are exposed to the conditions of weather. Oiling the hinges will keep the rust at bay and guarantee that they function well for a long time.

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