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Home Improvements through Home Additions|Remodelling Homes via Home Additions|Home Additions – A Remodelling Process

One aspect of remodelling your home is called home additions and if you are into improving your home through it, expect that the costs of such will be much higher. In coming up with a home addition project, it is interesting to know that there are commonly five kinds of home additions, which are a room addition, a house bump, a sun room, a conservatory, and a garage conversion.

When you are into adding another room, like putting up an extra bathroom near the living room or building a family room than can serve at the same time as a game room or expanding your kitchen area by adding a small pantry room, any of this intentions is known as a room addition. Such an addition can really cost a lot since you have to spend for the cost of the added room complete with its trappings – architect’s or contractor’s fees which include the permits, wiring, plumbing, and more.

With respect to a house bump, this is a simple addition of remodelling an existing room by extending an additional square feet of space from the present house area so you can have, for example, a kitchen island from the kitchen expansion or a cramped dining room extended to provide space for more guests to socialize comfortably. Putting up with a house bump will mean laying down a new roofline using a shed style or flat roof, which in terms of costing can be pretty costly since this will count for the expansion costs of tiling, wiring, plumbing, etc. The cost of constructing a house bump can either be high or low, as we’re talking here about just a small square foot of space added, but if the finishing materials are of quality and expensive, then expect to spend more than save cost on the project.

Perfect for a space where you can enjoy your breakfast or lunch meals with the glorious rays of health sunshine or a play area for the kids where they see the light of the day in a room or a green covered room for your herbs, flowers, and valuable, potted plants, the sunroom is the right answer for these purposes. In most cases, sunrooms are made up of pre-fabricated materials, like thermal-resistant glass design structures with aluminium frames, but the rest of the construction materials, which are used to fill up and complete the room, are the tiles, wires for electrical purposes, plumbing, and more.

A conservatory is a separate room that is made entirely of glass, which includes the roof, while a sunroom is an additional room with a solid roof material, such as tiles. If you’re a garden lover, a conservatory can be the extended space of your garden but structured in an warm environment. Also, converting the existing garage into an additional function room is another type of home addition, that is, if you are building a smaller car port.

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