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Why You Need To Invest In Net lease Investments

Businesses and companies that lease an office space retail space or building for a number of years usually have net lease investments. Such a tenant will be required to pay for maintenance, repair, insurance premium, property taxes according to the kind of net lease investments agreement with the landlord.

Before the signing of a net lease investments, there must be excellent credit ratings by the company that wants to lease. Property taxes and rent are some of the costs that will be paid in a single net lease investments. A single net lease investments tenant does not undergo a loss in good and bad economic times. Triple and double net lease investments are more popular than single net lease investments.

Those committed to long-term lease agreements, take these properties for 10 years and over. There must be return on investment for those wishing to have single tenant net lease investments and they must show this.

Most of the single net lease investments agreements are by national tenants and franchise owners. Single tenant net lease investments provide good cash flow for a period of time for a landlord. Landlords can enjoy an easier time when they lease out their properties to these companies. A landlord may choose not to coordinate expense payments and may ask the tenant to pay the expenses directly. There’s always a return with a single tenant net lease investments regardless of the real estate market.

Due to the fact that these leases are fixed and long-term, the rates do not change with market fluctuations. A risk with these properties is that a tenant can move out or go out of business leaving you to handle all the expenses, taxes and insurance premiums. Those who wish to increase the real estate portfolio can invest in net lease investments. Investors who have no time to spare can invest in tenant net lease investments because they do not require much monitoring.

Investors in net lease investments properties include individuals and wealthy business owners. In shopping malls, you can find tenants with double net lease investments. A proportional manner is used for those with double net lease investments to share the expenses, taxes and insurance fees. Where there is a double net lease investments agreement, the landlord is responsible for structural maintenance expenses.

Some of the maintenance expenses that an owner may have to take care of includes replacing roofs, parking lot repair, and plumbing repairs.
Most of the tenants in commercial properties have a double net lease investments. Tenants who take triple net lease investments are expected to pay are building insurance, maintenance, and property taxes.

Due to the fact that the tenant covers maintenance, the rent is lower in a triple net lease investments agreement. The creditworthiness in a triple net lease investments is determined by the capitalization rate.

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