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A Guide to Purchasing the Right Massage Chair For Your Spa or Salon Do you run a salon or spa? If so, you probably offer a wide range of services to your clients; having diversified services allows you to appeal to more people, thereby increasing the number of people who visit your facility. If you do not already have massages available, you should add this service as soon as possible. The individuals who visit spas and salons enjoy being able to add on a massage when they book their appointments. Next to having a good masseuse, the most important part of offering massages is making sure you have great massage chairs for your clients. You might not think that buying massage chairs will be a challenging process, but you could be in for a surprise! This guide has been designed to explain some of the issues you should think about prior to buying the massage chairs you need for your shop. What Kinds of Massage Chairs Do You Want to Purchase?
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As soon as you start researching massage chairs, you’ll realize that there are many different styles available. In order to be able to put together a shortlist of styles you want to make a point of researching carefully, you ought to consider what sort of massage chair style will be the most appropriate in the space you have. If, for instance, you’re only going to be offering neck and shoulder massages, there isn’t really a reason for you to purchase full-body massage tables. Be mindful of how much room you have, as well; you don’t want your massage tables to take-up too much space.
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Am I More Interested in New Massage Chairs or Slightly Used Ones? Massage chairs are expensive! Some styles cost upwards of ten thousand dollars per chair. If you find that brand new massage chairs simply don’t fit your budget right now, remember that gently used ones are a great option too! Salons are among the most prevalent sorts of establishments to not even manage to stay open a full calendar year; when proprietors have to shutter their businesses, they tend to be willing to sell their fixtures and furnishings for much less than they’re actually worth on the market. These sorts of sales give people in your shoes the ability to invest in hardly-used massage chairs for significantly less than they retail for. Is There a Specific Vibe I Want These Chairs to Convey? Quite often, salons and spas have carefully-honed appearances they want their massage chairs to work well with. Consider your shop’s appearance as you browse. If, for instance, you’ve created a dark, almost gothic, vibe in your salon, you probably shouldn’t purchase bright white massage chairs; they would mar the whole look you’ve worked hard to achieve.