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Most Talked About Hair Transformation From Celebrities

When most people hit rock bottom they tend to change their hair some cut it short while others change the color of the hair. With year 2017 not being the best for some celebrities they did decide to change their hairstyle to deal with the stress.

Majority of the people are fond of Ariana Grande having a stick straight, long ponytail. But on October 2017 Grande had an elegant transformation. Grande got her inspiration from a well know celebrity Kim Kardashian who had a platinum plunge the previous and she went for a sexy vintage style bangs with a platinum long mane. For those who want to have a micro bang they ought to have serious commitment. It simply comprise of frequent trimming, using more hairspray and use of flat iron with steam for a daily hairstyle.

Franck Ocean who is a male hip-hop artist is a true believer in breaking industry stereotypes. Ocean did go for pink regardless of his album being titled ‘blond’. He did a good job in bending the gender hairstyles as he is among the few known bi-sexual. The hairstyle was no only stylish but functionally helped to beat the heat of the summer and Ocean knew the new would do. When embracing millennial pink gender should not matter. What matters is controlling your expectations this is because depending on the number of times you have dyed your hair and natural color chances are you might not get pastel shade with the first trial. Getting the desired look requires you to go to the salon frequently.

The hair do over done by Kathy Griffin was the most astonishing and most important in 2017. Her new hair do was being bald as she left her signature red locks. Griffin has a sister who is undergoing chemo to fight cancer and she went bald for her. Most people are thinking of going bald so you not alone if you wanted to but have a high quality wig for back up if you do not like it. When doing touch ups at home it is wise to have a friend to make sure you get the back of your head and thoroughly wash your scalp.

Over the years Rihanna has gone with wigs, crazy colors and daring do’s she is not a newbie in hair transformation. The mermaid locks made every lady want to have a do like that where as on August 2017 Rihanna had an aqua hair lock. Damage of hair can be caused by dye kits which promise pastel colors but do not deliver.

Some of the things that Selena Gomez was dealing with is a kidney transplant treatment and battling with lupus. Being judged on social media was another thing she had to deal with. She did get a new hair makeover from long bob to a sexier edgier look.