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What are Vape Pens?

Most smokers nowadays who are looking to quit smoking have resulted to vaping. E-cigarettes and vapes weren’t that common a decade ago but sure are popular and the industry is booming nowadays. Basically, these devices are smoking products that use flower concentrates. Some vape pens allow one to use herbs while one can use thick oils and waxy concentrates on others. Those that use waxy concentrates and thick oils are known as dab pens. Instead of using e-liquid, vape pens use concentrates or loose leaf herbs though their design looks similar to that of e-cigarettes.

Dab pens contain a heating element within them that uses a small battery for power. The working of the dab pen is through conduction though some use convection. There is a hot coil within the dab pen that warms up and produces vapor once the user dabs a bit of the concentrate on it. One is required to press a button in order for the vapor to be drawn to the mouthpiece.

Besides dab pens, there are dry herb vapes that use the same mechanism as the former. Some of the components of dry herb vapes include the heating element, the herb compartment as well as a lithium ion battery. These vape pens also contain a fine mesh screen. One can use finely-ground herbs, flower blends or loose-leaf flower in the herb compartment. One can then warm up the herb by the help of the heating element in order for the chemicals to be vaporized without combusting.

Trying out vape pens can prove to be very beneficial to smokers who want to quit the habit. Among the reasons for using vape pens is the fact that they are more healthy. This is because one gets to enjoy smoking their favorite concentrates without taking in any dangerous toxins. One can easily get a high from smoking vape pens without them necessarily emitting irritants such as ash since the device doesn’t combust. Vape pens therefore come in handy especially for those with respiratory problems.

Vape pens are very portable. For most people, travelling with their dab rig can prove to be difficult. Vape pens, being slim little devices, are very easy for one to carry around. They don’t occupy too much space hence they can be put in backpacks, purses or even one’s pocket. Vape pens are also very safe for one to use as one doesn’t get burned easily. Using a vape pen doesn’t require a lot of effort on the user’s part. The only thing one needs to do once they ensure the batteries are charged is to put herb in the compartment and push the button.

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