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FX Synergy: Important Facts and Tips About the Best MetaTrader 4 Trade Management Software FX Synergy is the best advanced MT4 Trade management software with powerful features such as risk calculation, stealth mode, 1-click execution, and multiple accounts for a more efficient trading. The most updated version of FX Synergy supports unlimited MT4 accounts and direct connection. It is a real Windows application, not a bunch of scripts or EA but contains all the whistles and bells with all the functionality you need. FX Synergy was specifically designed by professional and experienced traders who are searching for an MT4 trade manager for efficient management of their trades. FX Synergy was designed for a successful and easier trade management. FX Synergy can work completely in transparency with MetaTrader using its full features such as opening and closing trades with either MetaTrader or FX Synergy. You don’t have to run slave terminals because all you need is running indicators and charts. FX Synergy possesses all the features and functionality you need for properly executing and managing your trades without the hassles you previously experienced. With the 1-Click Execution, you can place orders in just one click, setting your SL and TP in pips, selecting a lit size or risk percentage and ECN accounts apply SL and TP automatically after your order is placed. It is really time-consuming calculating the lot size per trade but with FX Synergy’s risk calculation, all you have to do is set the percentage of risk and it will automatically calculate it for you, applying the correct lot size for your trades. You can also connection broker and multiple accounts up to twenty accounts all at the same time trying them together or separately in just one click, as well as getting a complete trade overview in one place. In just one click, you can trade using multiple or group accounts, setting up low settings and individual risk per account with the use of a multiplier, a fixed amount or basing on your account equity. If you want to pre-define your strategies like partially closing or trailing stop, and save time, it is easy to automatically apply for new orders by assigning presets to various accounts. With FX Synergy, you can trail the stop of up to five levels automatically or in any order that includes stepping, gradually moving the stop using various settings that depend on the profitability of the order. You can also partially close your trade up to five levels automatically scaling out in any order, gradually closing an order using various settings depending on the profitability of the order. When using the Stealth Mode, you can set your SL and TP anywhere you prefer without visibility from your broker’s end. If you need more information about trade management, fee free to visit our website or contact us directly.The Essential Laws of Resources Explained

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