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Is There a True Solution for Sweaty Hands or Feet?

Sweating is the body’s way of staying cool during exercise or vigorous activities or simply when the weather is too hot. Meanwhile, sweating is controlled by the body’s sympathetic nervous system. There are a few people who sweat far too much.

The excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. This condition occur on many parts of the body, but the most common areas are the underarms, feet and palms. Most of the time, excessive sweating has a negative effect on the person who is has that problem. The effects may be social, psychological or occupational or a combination of all three. As an example, for people who have sweaty hand, they find hand shaking uncomfortable to do. They may also find driving very uncomfortable or difficult. Furthermore, working with paper or metals is often times a struggle for them. Oppositely, maceration of the toes and other forms of infection is common to people who suffer from feet that are excessively sweaty. In short, people who have hyperhidrosis cannot easily enjoy recreational activities or complete easy tasks.

Doctors have yet to discover the exact cause of hyperhidrosis, needless to say the condition can be treated. Strong antiperspirants are the most preferred ways to treat hyperhidrosis. Some result to Botox or oral medication. In extreme cases, patients resort to surgery. The least invasive method is usually the first option when treating hyperhidrosis. Moving on, if antiperspirants prove to be ineffective, doctors prescribe the use of tap water iontophoresis.
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This method basically makes use of a machine for sweaty hands. Through the iontophoresis machine, the sweaty hands or feet receives low amount of electrical signal. This is a very safe and very effective non-invasive method of treating hyperhidrosis.
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This treatment is proven by science as an effective cure for hyperhidrosis. Though it is specially designed for hands and feet, it may also be used on other parts of the body under doctor’s advice. The inventors are convinced that this machine will work for you as it has worked for thousands of clients who used to suffer from hyperhidrosis.

While a few people say that the results where seen immediately after the first session, in most cases, the sweating completely stops after a couple of treatments. Depending from one person to another, results can last to a certain number of days or months. The number of sessions and the interval between sessions or the frequency of the treatment will depend on the person as well. So if you are suffering from sweaty hands or sweaty feet, you now know that there is a reliable solution. For more information on this machine, go here.