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The market is definitely an inventory for different colored socks right now. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know that there are also different occasions where you can use a colorful toe alignment socks, you just have to make sure that the socks that you chose best suits the occasion that you are going to. Is there any rule when it comes to wearing a socks? If ever you wanted to go to a special occasion and interested in choosing the best socks for you, then you should follow some simple tips and guidelines. The most important rule to remember is the socks should match the trousers in color. It is important to know that you should avoid matching the color of your socks with the color of your shoes since there is a probability that the socks will overshadow your shoes. Having a matching trousers and socks is definitely a bomb.

It is also very important that he socks that you have chosen matches with the occasion that you are attending to. For very formal events, such as black-tie events, the ideal choice of color would be black ones. Black colored socks go well with dark suits, such as those of the shades of dark blue, navy, and black.

Nevertheless, if ever you are wearing a colored tie or if the squared pocket of your suit has color, then it can also match with the color of your socks. If ever you wanted to go to the event with a flashy style, then you can go as well to colors which have completely different shade. What’s important here is that the colored socks should match the rest of the apparel in terms of tone and subtlety. Now, if ever you are planning to have a sporty attire, then you can match the color of your socks with your shirt, whether your socks are toe alignment socks or not. The socks can also be completely different, as long as the chosen color is still within the similar spectrum of color shades.

When it comes to designer of socks, then they are definitely in couple of numbers. Paul Smith of Great Britain is one of the most prominent person when it comes to the socks industry. Paul Smith is really famous most especially when it comes to socks since he has produced tons of designs that has been used by a lot of people already. One of his most famous design is the four stripe socks which has the shades of pink, khaki, black and green. This pair of socks comes with hand linked toes.

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