How to see if your Wife is on Tinder

The advancement in technology is the primary cause why many marriages are suffering from the new version of unfaithfulness known as online dating. Your wife would be glued to her computer for many hours under the pretense of playing online games while without your knowledge she is dating and meeting other men. Some women will cheat virtually, while others will arrange for dates and proceed with the actual relationship. Therefore, how can you know if your wife is dating online? Here is how to see if your wife is on how to see if your wife is on tinder.

Checking her browser history is the first thing today. You need to have the password to her computer and if you don’t have it, try to find out why her computer has a complicated password. If she refuses to give you the passcode, that is a good sign that she is hiding something. Once you have the password, open the browser and click on tools and options found at the top of the page. Click on the history icon on the tools option to see the latest website visited.

The browsing history will show if there are any dating websites such as Tinder listed. If you come across these sites, this will serve as the first clue that she might be messing around. Getting the answers, it will be easier if you find the dating site listed in the history.

Browse the dating website since you can navigate through the option on the site without even signing up or creating an account. In most cases, the sites come with a tool that will assist you to narrow down the person you are searching. Use tools to look for a woman with similar qualities as your wife. If the search options comprise email, use your wife’s email. If you get a woman who resembles your wife, create an account with the site and contact her.

Create a false persona that you believe your wife will be attracted too and sign up for a free email at a website like Gmail where the respondents will send a message to. If you find any person you believe might be your wife in the dating site, send a message and wait for feedback. The way your conversation with her will flow will help you know if it’s her.

Join various social media websites like Facebook and look for these networking platforms for your wife. If she is on Facebook, she will have to accept your friend request to find out who she talks to online. In case she declines the invitation, asks her why. A Facebook user can have access to the friend list of other users even if they are not yet friends by selecting see friends once the screen pops up. This will help you know who she is friends with.

Ask your wife openly if she is using an online dating site since you have the right to know. However, you must get prepared to tell her why you think she is cheating on you.