First Date Conversation Tips for Men

A successful first date has the potential to lead to a series of dates. Whether a man is looking for someone who is marriage material or a current love interest, saying the wrong things can end a date. It can also end changes for a second date. Thus, engaging in the right conversation is just as important as taking the individual to a spectacular place or dressing appropriately. Here are some first date tips about starting a conversation.

Always Ask Open-ended Questions

A closed-end question is a question that has a limited number of answers such as yes, no and maybe. One example of a close-ended question is, “Where did you go to college?” These questions don’t allow a person to elaborate unless they decide to do so. Closed-ended questions are the worst questions to ask on a first date because the conversation can quickly stall.

Instead of asking a closed-end question, do the opposite. Ask open-ended questions. An open-ended question is a type of question that requires a detailed answer. Questions that require detailed answers give both a man and his companion a chance to expand the conversation. One type of question is, “What type of seafood do you like?”

Pick Good Questions to Ask on a First Date

It is perfectly normal to think about some questions to ask before the date occurs. That’s being proactive. However, not every question is a good question to ask on a first date. Many terrible questions sound like job interview questions involving occupation.

Instead, think of some good questions that are unusual such as topics on hobbies or favorite vacation spots. These questions will help a man learn more about his date. The questions will also keep the conversation going.

Stay Away from Telling Long Stories

It is not a bad thing, but many men get lost in telling stories about themselves. They may not notice that their date has stopped listening. Instead, focus on keeping the conversation going. Save the long, detailed stories for a later date.

Avoid Controversial Topics that Could Ruin the First Date

A lot of questions can ruin a first date. For instance, asking about prior relationships can be a conversation killer. Also, talking about politics or religion can stop a conversation if a man and his date don’t agree on issues.

Remember, the first date is a chance to get to know the person. In addition, a man wants their date to get to know them too. It’s not a chance to start a debate or become a person’s relationship therapist.

The First Date Doesn’t Have to be Awkward

There are few things worse in life than a first date where a conversation goes wrong or stops. Many a man has a few rehearsed topics that went nowhere. Maybe they’ve forgotten the rehearsed topics. What’s worse is when a companion may not say anything. Suddenly, the OK or great date is going nowhere fast. Remember some tips to get the conversation going again.