Finding Parallels Between Dogs and Life

Why The Cat Should Be Your Favorite Pet

Most of the dog and cat lovers have always argued on the best animal to keep inside the house. Rearing a cat is known to provide several benefits to the owner apart from the known fact of the companionship. Below are the reasons why you should have a cat at home over a dog.

A Strong Bond

The studies have indicated that the cats are attracted to female as compared to the males. The kind of the relationship that is formed between the owner and the pet as especially a woman is one of a kind. The owners of the cat will enjoy the unconditional love from the cats which do not rely on the feeding. The cat owners will enjoy the moments of the cuddles as the cat will stay positive when it is around them.

Analyze Your Abilities To Feed The Cat

You can increase your happiness by ensuring that the creature that you have at home is properly fed. You will not have to spend much of your time checking the cat as they are able to maintain their selves. When you are an elderly person, you should ensure that you can care for your cat and be careful with it as it can trip you over. You need to be careful of the bacteria that is transmitted through the contact with the cat known as the cat scratch. the health of the cats can be kept in check by purchasing the product like PawsIQ that are vital for their health and visiting the vet regularly.

Environment Maintenance

The cats are the leading animals when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. The cats consume little food and that ensures that the environment is not polluted during the production of their food. The cats are the best animals because they like fish that do not degrade environment as compared to the grains and the meat meals for the dogs. The constant transfer of the dog from one point to another contributes to the pollution due to the smoke released.

The Companion Benefits

The cats are calm with wonderful characteristics that makes them stay wherever they are and go to the owner only when called. You should let the cat stay at your lap especially when you have high pressure and stress since the vibrations produced are therapeutic. The companion of the cats is known to offer high results especially if the owner is suffering loss of the loved ones.

Although the cats will not communicate, they will have the non-verbal expression to make you feel like you are communicating. The cats have no ability to comprehend the word that you say and you should talk to them during your tough times.

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