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What You Need to Learn Before Turning 30

In my mind, there is still the song that was written by Deana Carter whose title was “Strawberry Wine. In that song there was a line that I really loved that said, “I still remember when 30 was old.” When I was in the middle school is the time the song came out and it was impossible for me to imagine of 30 since it looked too old to me. There were a lot of changes that occurred in my life in 2017 since by then I was wiser such changes were my job, my husband’s job and my baby grew and started walking. I just feel a little difference though there are things that I have noticed. So that I make the transition easy for me I have worked out some few things since I am a beginner. Below is my list of what you should learn before you turn 30.

The first is time management. When I was growing I came to know that the time passes very quickly. It was hard for me to explain how the day would end though I used to start my day at 7:00 a.m when my son wakes up. I am now very cautious this year so I access the social media less and I have a schedule. In order for you to be accountable for how you spend your day you show eliminate what is not important.

The other one is financial management. After I left a full-time job I made a transfer of 401(k) to the personal retirement IRA and later was able to get a financial adviser who enlightened me on the necessity of making contributions monthly. The important things that you need to know when you are 30 is how for instance the stocks, bonds, and portfolios work, it is not a must for you to have the skills on finances.

There is a need for the five go-to recipes. So that I can be able to feed my family I had to become comfortable in the kitchen. I would conduct a lot of research the whole day because I am not a foodie. I was able to find the five recipes that are loved by several people because it is affordable.

A skin regime is also necessary. I have been watching several adverts on the oil-based skincare since the instructions that are given are time-consuming I cannot find time for them. I have released a lot of benefits of solid, effective skincare daily. You need to be consistent in the right products that you choose for your skin type so that you can keep your skin healthy.

An exercise program is the last. I got to the real world where I would spend several hours of the day relaxing and this made me lose my body fitness. The excise has helped me to regain body fitness and I am now comfortable.

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