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Exploring The Many Literary Genres

Doing something new can be an exhilarating experience. Maybe you are traveling to a place you’ve never been to before, or you want to try out a new recipe. These experiences expose you to new events. Always doing the same thing can lead you to a routine which will become boring. Changing things up will help to improve and change you emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Literature is one of the ways that you can open yourself to new things. Literature has a great influence and has stained our history as well as our present time. Literature is of different kinds. It can be; political, mythical, fantastical and educational. It can change someone’s reality and breathe into it.

Literature has a long story and before literature was sprung into sentences it was spoken stories. At some point in history literature started to be recorded in tablets and papers, to keep the stories from dying out. There is an argument about the first novel to be written but what truly matters is its progression. The Romantic period turned into Victorian literature and it slowly changed to Realism. It was followed by the Beat Generation, Modernism and Post Modernism, the genre we have today.

Starting a new genre can be quite tiring and hard. This is because someone usually has a particular preference and they would rather stick to what they know. Before you commit to a new genre it’s good to understand the different types of genres that are there.

If you are looking for a laugh then Comedy genre is what you need. There are two types of comedy. A comedy can either be fictional or comedic. To understand what you prefer you need to research and read reviews as well. This way you will get something that suits you.

Horror genre is not everyone’s piece of pie. The books are, however, less horrific compared to what is depicted by Hollywood. The books are more goth like. Horror has other genre but the main ones are classics and everything horror.

Thriller genre is more complicated. The stories in thrillers have a lot to keep up with, they need to have a grip and be cohesive. If the thriller does not have these elements it becomes a pointless read.

Bildungsroman genre is the kind of story that talks about a person male or female who is growing up psychologically or morally. The main character is usually a sensitive person who is looking for answers to life’s heavy questions.

Erotica goes on to discover human sexuality. Erotica genre has become an interesting genre in the world of fiction and it looks into things such as anal companions. In order to find your best pick it’s a smart move to research online, this way you get to choose what you like.

Classic genre is another complicated genre. Classic books are usually heavy and large, furthermore, it’s usually written in old English.

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