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Top Creative Local Businesses in South Bend

For more than five years now, various groups have dedicated their time and resources to making South Bend look more inspired, creative and beautiful city. But it is good to learn that different organization have been investing their blood and money to developing the urban center. Several other artistic organizations have been pursuing similar goals for the South Bend Community. Keep reading here so you can also learn about other businesses that that are involved in running innovative enterprises in the city.

Many clients are often in need of premade pottery. Fortunately, Pigeon & Hen provides premade pottery and other commodities to such customers. The enterprise was established by two ceramic students who had known each other for about four months back in 2014. In case you are looking for a date night spot, outing place for kids or a group visit, the broad collection of ceramic glazes and pieces is an excellent destination. In case you are also a pottery enthusiast planning to venture into this industry, you can buy pottery from Pigeon & Hen to get you started.

The Go Make South Bend foundation was inspired by the desire to provide local enterprises with a web platform to market their products. The site also aims to help investors transform their desired art from a hobby to a successful business. Julian Alcantar made us extremely happy after she launched Gallery 2910. Some of the most remarkable things accomplished by this organization include studio sessions and painting classes that will keep you busy the entire day. Moreover, you will enjoy the Paint Your Pet class, which will train you on how to decorate the house of your pet.

Fire Arts has been operation for more than ten years. Back in 2004, three sculptors came together and pooled resources so they could acquire a building that was about to be demolished. The entrepreneurs wanted a space where they could erect a foundry, gallery and kiln. The gallery was named Fire Arts. The essential items showcased at the gallery include jewelry, metalworking and sculpting. For the interested visitors, the gallery opens each first Friday of the month to the public.

In case you are interested in chef profession, the Martin’s School of Cooking is your school of choice. For many people in the local community, they know this establishment as a source of groceries. However, the doors of this enterprise are open in the case you want to learn how to cook the products professionally.

The South Bend Museum of Art (SBMART) is the grand-daddy of the art businesses. The institution was established in 1947. In 1987, the American Alliance of Museums endorsed the facility. This museum has a reputation for maintaining very high ethical standards in the arts industry.