A Simple Plan:

A Guide on Food Ideas for Your Wedding.

Did you know Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were involved in making their wedding menu? On their menu they had quail eggs, pea panna cotta and langoustines. Instead of the normal sit-down dinner set up, they settled for food bowls and canapes.

When it comes to wedding food, saying it is predictable is an understatement.

If you want to try something different during your wedding, below are tips.

If you are looking for something trendy, healthy and good looking, consider buddha bowls. The buddha bowl is made up of raw or cooked vegetable, together with proteins and grains. During the wedding the buddha bowl that you will serve the guests can contain various ingredients.

Did you know a taco cart would be ideal food idea during your wedding? What makes tacos unique is that they are easy to serve and eat. When it comes to tacos, you can try out different cuisines. To ensure the taste of your different guests is meet, have different dressings and accompaniments. It is important you search for a taco catering near me and book.

Having a cake in your wedding is a tradition. Wedding cakes are not cheap as most people would think. If you are looking for something different cookies would be the best alternative, your guest can eat them when standing and they can also carry them. Chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk would be ideal.

Having cheese during your wedding is another food idea. It is advisable you include cheese cake or a tower of cheese in the buffet. The cheese can be accompanied with fig, grapes or crackers.

If you love pizza, why don’t you serve that to your guest during the wedding. To make it unique, the couples picture should be on the pizza box. Have a wide selection of toppings that your guests can choose from.

To ensure your guests are familiar with one another, ensure you have food stations at your wedding. The food stations should have different types of foods that you guests can serve. For example, you can have a popcorn bar or a candy bar for the kids.

If you are looking for a way to impress your guests during your wedding, consider an oyster bar. Anyone who has never tried an oyster bar in the past will get an urge to try it. The oyster can be accompanied by champagne or sparkling wine.

Chips and fish is another alternative you can consider. Deep fried fish would go well with thin crispy fries.

Lastly, there is the gourmet burger. It is important you have different fixings that your guests can add to your burger.